Melbourne Art Gallery

The evolution of art from Melbourne began around the mid 1800s when Melbourne was known as a city which produced some of the best painters and artists. At that time Melbourne was separated from the rest of Australia by the Melbourne River and this caused a change in the way that art was made. The original city was built on what is now known as Flinders street, today this street is known as Melbourne’s history. This then led to an increased interest in local painting, and Melbourne in turn has been named the internationally recognised Stencil capital of the world.

Many of Melbourne s top artists and painters have their work produced locally, this means that every week there is always at least one exhibition of local artists within the city limits. A good example of this is the Melbourne Free Spirit Exhibition, which runs every Wednesday evening, the Melbourne Free Spirit is a non-profit company whose motto is “art for all seasons”. This company organises “art walks” throughout the year, these are walk through exhibitions of different local art, and the proceeds go towards a range of local causes and charities. Most of the participating artists include musicians, painters and street artists with a focus on the local communities.

As well as more traditionalist painting and sculpture, Melbourne also has a large number of contemporary artists. Melbourne is home to numerous national and international contemporary artists such as Bronwen Laessing, Daniel Libeskind, Simon Gray and many more. With the influx of contemporary art from Melbourne, surrounding areas such as Southbank, Williamstown, Melville and Brunswick are also becoming renowned for their contemporary art. Most of these contemporary artists have established websites and online galleries to showcase their work.

There are a large number of independent and gallery exhibitions and events taking place in melbourne. This city is home to several well-established and emerging contemporary art galleries, exhibitions, public programs and events such as the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Melbourne Comedy Festival takes place every year, and showcases the finest comedians in the country. The festival includes Stand Up Comedy, Showcase by Email and the Melbourne Comedy Awards. The Melbourne Fringe Festival, also takes place every year, which showcases artistic endeavours by both local and international artists.

In addition to the festivals and the Comedy Festival, Melbourne has a large number of unique festivals and street venues as well. Yarra Valley plays host to the renowned Moomba Music Festival, while Flinders street’s Saturday night Market is an all-time favorite for food and drink enthusiasts. Melbourne Museum days and Family days at the beach comprise a very popular weekend in Melbourne. Other popular weekend activities include horse riding, golf, fishing, art and craft, wine tours and sightseeing. Melbourne is a great holiday destination for families and self-employed professionals who are looking to experience something new and different.

Melbourne is home to many internationally renowned street artists. With the help of online Melbourne artist galleries, the public can view and purchase artwork by some of this country’s most exciting contemporary street artists. One of the best ways to see Melbourne’s street art scene up close is at the Flinders street market. Flinders street is one of the largest commercial streets in the entire world, boasting one of the largest art districts in the world. This market often draws hundreds of tourists and locals every day.